Information about Golden Retriever Dogs


The extraordinary nature of Golden Retrievers caught the hearts of many nationalities. Every pet lover would really like to own them because they are lively and clever. This is the main reason why when talking about popularity, Golden Retriever breeds always make it to the top. If you’re going to raise a Retriever pet, you should have sufficient and appropriate knowledge about them.

One of the most essential things you should contemplate before choosing a pet dog is its adult size. Remember that it is simpler to take good care of smaller dogs than the larger ones. If you are planning to raise this type of breed, expect that you’re going to nurture a big dog. Males are usually 24 inches tall and 75 pounds in weight. Nevertheless for the females, they will reach up to 22.5 inches and 65 pounds once they get older.

Two characteristics that make a Golden Retriever wonderful are calmness and goodness. They get along with people well either at home or at the workplace. They give entertainment to people and fulfillment to their owners. That’s exactly why the owner must ensure that they are exposed to socialization earlier. So as to bring out the best of them, they should be trained properly.


2 to 3 cups of dry and highly nutritious of food a day is the estimated servings for a Golden Retriever dog. But still, you should consider its size, weight, and age when feeding them. Noticing a waist in your dog shows that you have offered him the correct amount of nourishment. Still, you should have him examined by a veterinarian to determine if he is getting the proper nutrition or not.

Typically, Goldens are really healthy. But still they’re not totally free from the probability of cataracts, hip and elbow dysplasia, Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis, and serious cases of allergic reactions. You should not worry though just because a dog breeder can assist you get a dog that is not predisposed to such conditions. The breeder will learn if both parents are clear from the mentioned conditions. After such, you will never have to worry about your puppy and the chance of any health problem.


A Golden Retriever pet loves to move around. Taking care of them requires a lot of time to be able to stroll with them in the street and allow them to play in the garden. They will love it more when you play with them, retrieving game will be ideal since they are obviously great at finding things. You must make sure that they get to exercise at least two times a day as they are prone to develop behavioral issues if they don’t get the opportunity to move freely. Furthermore, make sure that your pet is always fresh and clean. As a responsible dog owner, you should make sure that their teeth are brushed properly, nails are cut and body is bathed. Throughout summer and spring, they typically shed moderately but seriously throughout the cold seasons.

If you want someone to be with at home or a working dog, there’s no better than a Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever information at can help you raise this type of dog properly.

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